Custom Recycling Solutions for Institutional Facilities

As an operations executive in an education, health care or corrections institution,, you face unique challenges in handling waste at the numerous facilities you manage. You need quick, responsive recycling solutions, a single-source service to simplify recycling management, and a trustworthy provider to ensure proper handling and disposal of all kinds of materials, including paper, cardboard, metals, and plastics. We understand these needs and have tailored our services accordingly. Our comprehensive recycling solutions offer rapid and efficient waste management, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities while ensuring the safety and well-being of your consumers.

Let us be your trusted partner in providing custom recycling services for your institutional facility.

Rapid and Efficient Recycling Solutions

We offer rapid and efficient recycling services tailored to the unique needs of institutional facilities, such as schools, hospitals or prisons. By understanding your specific requirements, we provide a customized solution that ensures timely and effective waste management.

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Single-Source Service for Simplified Waste Management

As a single-source solution for all your recycling needs, we simplify waste management processes for your institutional facility. By handling all aspects of recycling, we help you save time and resources, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of managing your facility.

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Trustworthy Recycling Partner

Building trust as a reliable recycling partner, we consistently deliver responsible handling and disposal of materials for your institutional facility. By adhering to industry standards and regulations, we ensure the safety and well-being of your consumers while providing top-notch recycling services.

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Experience and Commitment You Can Trust

With over six decades of experience and unwavering commitment to supporting our customers, you can trust us to provide customized solutions that exceed your expectations.

Trust Us for Your Complete Recycling Partnership

With American Recycling, you can rest assured our comprehensive recycling solutions will help your business save time, money, and reduce its impact on the environment.

We’re committed to making recycling easy and achievable for all kinds of businesses, and we’re confident that we can meet all your needs.

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Plastic bottles and containers prepared for recycling